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Happy, Functional & Confident!

As of February 1st, 2024 we will be at the new location! The address is 212 S. Cole Boise ID, 83709. 

Inside of Mindful Massage Boise

Walk inside of the building, go down the hallway and you'll see it!


*Important note: Google has not updated the address yet, so use the website maps instead of the address that populates when googled. 

Big Goals!

What is Alleviate Sports Massage?

Some people are training as body builders or may train for high powered sports. Some might be proactive outdoors like hiking, fishing, mountain biking, etc. And then there is those working long hours, running errands and taking care of life's responsibilities which can be exhausting, overwhelming or stressful at times. For those recovering from surgeries or injuries, that process usually involves a recovery program or rehabilitation with physical therapy, which massage therapy can assist with really well. Regardless of what life's journey is providing at this moment, finding tranquility and taking care of yourself is always needed. The primary focus is always you, the client. What can I do for you? How can I tailor the session for your individual needs? It always starts with one question, "How are you feeling today?" Communication, listening and providing my services so you can ultimately peak at the highest version of yourself, no matter the end goal.

Hello, Meet Jesse!

Intuitive, Creative and Family Oriented.

Hello, everyone! I am Jesse Cohea, the owner and sole practitioner at Alleviate Sports Massage. I graduated from Carrington College in 2021. I am excited and  looking forward to working with everyone! I am still getting familiar with the whole valley and the beautiful surrounding mountain ranges. My family and I moved here from Idaho Falls in 2019 and we have enjoyed everything the valley has to offer thus far! Growing up in Idaho, I fell in love with being outdoors and staying active with my family. Road trips, hiking, sports, trampoline parks, and board games keep us entertained. Aside from family fun, I love learning about anatomy & physiology, self care, and in my free time, I love cooking! I am a very eclectic personality and love utilizing a wide range of tools and ideas, however I still keep it simple when necessary. I am excited to meet you and look forward to being apart of a healthier future! 


Happy, Functional & Confident

Where did the passion for body work or massage therapy derive from? A question that he gets asked often. Well, as a kid he played football as an offensive and defensive lineman and also played basketball. In Jesse's teen years outside of student sports, his hobbies included skateboarding and mountain biking. Later in life, for the better part of his 20's, he worked at a local restaurant. Eventually working his way up from bussing tables and serving, he was promoted into management. After working long hours and putting a lot of miles on his body, the additional stress was inevitable. Unfortunately, in the middle of an already full schedule, he also experienced a battle with cancer. Over the span of 10 years, at this point in Jesse's life, he had put himself through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, through that process he learned so much about what we are capable of and how little we take care of ourselves through the process. "I already have the passion to work hard, have fun, and utilize every part of daylight. What I've developed is the other side of that passion, which is taking care of ourselves throughout life. And that translates through the work I do as a Massage Therapist." Working with clients to provide tools, knowledge of self care techniques and of course massage is what drives my passion as a body worker. 



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Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage. 

Prepping for a show? Play sports? Work 40 hours a week? Have a family? Stay active? The proper maintenance massage is necessary. 

What most people refer to as a "knot" being released.

"Warning I have a new hip, and I'm ready to use it" but you might need some therapeutic remedies to help you through the process.

Flexibility can be a very important factor when it comes to how we move and interact with daily activities. 

Whether it's a business party, concert or employee appreciation, if you provide the people I will provide the massage.

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212 S Cole, Boise ID 83709

Inside of Mindful Massage Boise




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